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Mission Statement:

It is the mission of Hodan Community Services to provide and promote opportunities for work and personal development so that persons with disabilities can achieve individual life goals.

  Services & Programs:

Services Offered to Job Seekers

Assessment- Hodan Community Services  staff conduct assessments by actively working with the consumer to set up an assessment tailored to that individual. Assessments are based almost exclusively in the community. The staff conducting the assessment and the consumer collaborate to set dates and community business locations for business tours and sample work trials. Assessments are conducted to determine an individual's interests, work skills, academic skills, commitment, and stamina.

Job Placement- Job developers work with consumers to set up an individualized plan for obtaining community employment. Services offered include: resume development, application, mock interviews, and networking. Community employment staff will also help consumers overcome barriers through: connecting them to support services (benefits analysis, ADRC, etc), working through transportation issues, identifying vocational strengths for good job matches and finding necessary accommodations for successful employment.

 Job Coaching- Our goal is to provide a worker as much support as is needed in the early stages of a new job and then gradually step back as the worker gains skills and confidence. The job coach also works with employers and co-workers to develop support systems within the workplace for the individual. Many times, by helping an employee develop friendships on the job, natural supports follow. Job coaches are only used when deemed necessary.

Long Term Support- Hodan Community Services will provide long term support to those individuals who qualify through IRIS, Family Care, or private pay. Hodan Community Services staff provide assistance with negotiations, new training, transportation issues, and any assistance needed by the consumer to maintain employment.





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