Hodan Community Services

Mission Statement:

It is the mission of Hodan Community Services to provide and promote opportunities for work and personal development so that persons with disabilities can achieve individual life goals.

  Services & Programs:

Employment Services

Hodan Community Services has been offering employment services to individuals and local businesses since 1985. With over 40 years of combined experience,  Hodan Community Services employment services staff aims to help individuals with disabilities reach their vocational goals. This program provides comprehensive employment services including recruitment, evaluation, training, placement, and support to meet the needs of job seekers and employers. Adults with special needs and other barriers to employment receive support and service to assist them in meeting their employment goals.


Hodan Community Services Employment Partners

Thanks to:

A & W in Platteville

Alliant Energy in Mineral Point

Bargain Nooks

Barn Scrapers in Mineral Point

Cenex in Darlington

Citgo in Montfort

Cobb Methodist Church

Country Kitchen in Platteville

Culvers in Cross Plains

Culvers in Dodgeville

Culvers in Platteville

Cummins Emissions Solutions in Mineral Point

Dodgeville Library

Gina’s Restaurant in Platteville

Grey Dog Deli in Mineral Point

Duluth Trading Company in Belleville

Hartzell’s IGA in Warren, IL

Hope Lutheran Church in Mineral Point

Kwik Trip in Cuba City

Kwik Trip in Dodgeville

Kwik Trip in Mineral Point

Kwik Trip in Platteville

Lafayette County Health Department

Midway Bar and Grill in Mineral Point

Midway Lanes in Mineral Point/ Dodgeville

Millennium Cinema in Platteville

Parkway and Grill in Platteville

Piggly Wiggly in Darlington

Piggly Wiggly in Dodgeville

Piggly Wiggly in Platteville

Pit Stop in Mineral Point

Platteville School District

Point Foods in Mineral Point

Pointer Café in Mineral Point

Premier Cooperative in Mineral Point

RBS Activewear in Argyle

Saether’s Funeral Home in Blanchardville

Sielaff in Mineral Point

SK Plastic in Darlington

Tony’s Tap in Mineral Point

Traveler’s Inn in Mineral Point

Upland Hills Hospital in Dodgeville

Walker House in Mineral Point

Walmart in Dodgeville

Walmart in Platteville






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