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It is the mission of Hodan Community Services to provide and promote opportunities for work and personal development so that persons with disabilities can achieve individual life goals.

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Testimonials (for Hodan Center, now Hodan Community Services)

"My sister Lynae has been part of the Hodan "family" since 1994 when she moved to Darlington to live with my husband and myself.  I could understand Lynae's apprehension regarding a new workplace, but I knew she needed a place to work and continue a meaningful life.   Hodan Center provided Lynae a job, but more importantly a family where she could be herself.  Lynae looked forward to each day with enthusiasm and was so proud of her paychecks.  The staff shared with me stories of Lynae with the same love and laughter I always did when I described her to others.  She was part of a family.  The staff let Lynae continue to be herself and be the confident woman she was."  

--Karla Anderson

 "We are so blessed to have Hodan Center in our area to accommodate our son, Tim, and the other client-employees.  Words cannot express our appreciation to the dedicated staff for the excellent care and attention given to our loved ones.  We profoundly thank you for making life more meaningful and pleasant for them.  Keep up the good work!!!!!"

--Don and Connie Cody

"When our daughter Olivia was near graduation from high school, we were quite apprehensive about what would happen after graduation.  We were concerned about jobs, transportation, and safety.  We were concerned about possible opportunities available to Olivia since she has Down syndrome and we were not sure anyone would actually hire her.  We had a warm family feeling about Hodan Center and decided to send Olivia there.  

Since this decision the ball has been rolling for Olivia.  She goes two days a week to Hodan Center and has two part time jobs in the community.  Hodan Center has been an invaluable support system from the superior job coaching staff to the bus driver who picks her up for work to the experience and knowledge of the staff regarding DVR and coordinating Olivia's schedule and transportation.

As a family, we are so indebted to the staff at Hodan Center for helping find and secure a working opportunity in the community for Olivia.  She is confident, safe and very happy in her jobs and with her job coaches.  She feels productive and is proud to be contributing to the work force in her community."  

--Bart and Paula Bartelme

"Hodan Center has been a lifesaver for our family and for our son Jesse.  Jesse has worked at Hodan Center since he graduated from high school.  He has continued to mature and grow in work skills, language skills and confidence.  He loves to go to work and takes pride in the product he helps produce.  Hodan Center has given our son opportunities to work with machines, learn food preparation skills, and his favorite, assisting on the delivery truck.  He can hardly wait to get to work daily.

The staff at Hodan Center has been instrumental in Jesse's success.  They patiently work with him to encourage the great work skills he has.  They also encourage and correct his social interactions.  Part of Hodan Center's staff takes Jesse on outings into the community to reinforce the social skills he is learning.  He has been shopping, gone out to eat, and gone bowling and fishing.  Last week he caught a 19 inch walleye off the dock at Yellowstone Lake.  He was thrilled.  Hodan Center tailors the outings, the jobs, and the services to the needs of the clients.  I can't say enough good things about Hodan Center and its staff.  They have given Jesse a job and a purpose in life!"

--Cheri Larson

"Hodan Center is a great place.  I am thankful everyday for Hodan Center.  I can't imagine what my daughter Mandy's life or mine would be like without it.  Mandy has Down syndrome.  She loves going to work every day.  She doesn't want to miss a day.  Mandy has made many friends over the years at Hodan Center and she enjoys seeing them every day.  Going to Hodan Center makes Mandy proud of herself.  It gives her something to look forward to each day.  She is so proud to show off her paycheck.  Thank you, staff at Hodan Center.  A great place!"  

--Helen Parr

"My brother Kraig started attending Hodan Center in the year 2000 and absolutely loves it.  Kraig enjoys the swimming activities, the spa, and all the outings he gets to attend.  He is now part of the Shades of Silver seniors program and sits in the rocking chair frequently reading his picture book on animals.  As he is getting older, we have asked him if he wants to cut back his days, but he emphatically says he 'wants to go!'  Thanks to all the dedicated individuals at Hodan Center who have made it such an enriching experience for Kraig."

--Kleo Baruth Kritz

"When my sister-in-law Carolyn started at Hodan Center many years ago she had some pretty challenging behaviors.  But with gentle guidance and a behavior modification program at Hodan Center (rewarding good behaviors), she has overcome most of them.  Not only does Hodan Center provide her with an employment opportunity it has helped her make new friends and have many new life experiences.  No wonder she is always disappointed if Hodan Center is closed or she can't attend for some reason.  Thanks for all you do!!"

--Robin Anderson

"Hodan Center has been providing services for my 70 year old family member, Don, for over 30 years.  He is happy, healthy, and always looks forward to his 'job' at Hodan Center.  He enjoys working with his friends.  Hodan Center makes him feel very important."

--W.G. Hicks, DVM 

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