Hodan Community Services

Mission Statement:

It is the mission of Hodan Community Services to provide and promote opportunities for work and personal development so that persons with disabilities can achieve individual life goals.

  Services & Programs:

Hodan Community Services, Contact Information

Hodan Community Services
941 W Fountain St
Mineral Point, WI 53565

Phone: 608 987 3336
Fax: 608 987 3082

Hodan Community Services Email Directory

Chris Mitchell Executive Director cmitchell@hodancs.org
Jamie Potterton Deputy Director / Case Manager jpotterton@hodancs.org
Tom Schraeder Director of Development tschraeder@hodancs.org
Tom Schmit Community Employment Consultant tjschmit@hodancs.org
Tina Mitchell Director of Business Services tmitchell@hodancs.org
Pat Stacey Assistant Director of Business Services pstacey@hodancs.org
Denise Ostergrant Business Office Assistant dostergrant@hodancs.org
Roxanne Harris Director of Enrichment Activities / Case Management rharris@hodancs.org
Diane Kliebenstein Director of Transportation dkliebenstein@hodancs.org
Denise Schmitz Assistant Director of Transportation dschmitz@hodancs.org
Karen A Wells Director of Retail Sales kawells@hodancs.org
Steve Arn Director of Operations sarn@hodancs.org
Vicki Clark Employment Specialist vclark@hodancs.org
Lauren Turpin Employment Specialist lturpin@hodancs.org
Summer Hamille Marketing Specialist shamille@hodancs.org

Equal Opportunity Employer


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